The Gresham is your favorite running shirt. Simple. Honest. To the point. It's the shirt you'll never leave behind. And with 100% Australian merino wool fabric, you'll never have to. It's slim fitting, extra long, has no side seams, and sports raglan sleeves to keep the chafe monster away for good. Oh, and flat seam construction all around for good measure.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Sturdy merino wool construction and good 'ole American grit. At 170 grams per square meter, the Gresham is slightly heavier than base-level gear from the other brands and built to stand the test of trail.

You asked. We answered. We've updated the Gresham to include a few key features you've asked for. The biggest change from the original version is an updated neckline, now more narrow than before. We've also included new, more vibrant colors, a smaller care label, and a reflective PEP logo for good measure.

Long Cut Through The Torso
Raglan-Style Sleeves

Trim Fit
No Side Seams
Made in Oregon | 100% Australian Merino Wool | 18.5 micron | 170gsm
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