Born in the shadows of Mt. Rainier, our story begins on the twisty singletrack of the Cascade Mountain Range. For years we ran these storied trails as polyester clad athletes, happily stacking miles. Our runs were long and full of lactic acid, just the way we like them.

In 2009 “the industry” dove face first into the minimalist running movement, and over the last 5 years we’ve experienced a crazy shift in footwear, moving from minimalism to maximalism and everywhere between. It’s been an absolute goldmine for the shoe companies we all adore.

But somewhere amongst the hills we started thinking. Well, we started noticing and then we started thinking. Why is there so much emphasis on footwear, but seemingly none in apparel? The gear we ran in was fine. It served the purpose of keeping us covered. There was some form, some function. But it wasn’t great, and over time we were noticing a material difference in the way things felt.

The shirts we bought were shorter and wider. The material thinner. It was all chemically treated polyester and made overseas. Nothing seemed to last.

We were paying more and getting less.

So in late 2012 we started to act. We set out to build the best running apparel on the market, and a company with values representative of the community which we belong. We set out to build a company with soul.

We’ve spent the last year and a half researching, learning, testing and building. We’ve approached the apparel business from new angles, with exacting standards. And as of June 2014, we’re ready to tell the world.

Here are the principles that guide us:

Protect The Needs of Endurance Athletes.

We stand firm in building an uncompromised set of the best endurance apparel available. We use the best sustainable fabrics available, innovative and functional designs, and we refuse to cut corners. Our goal is that every piece of gear we make is the favorite piece of gear you own.

Believe In The Power Of Local.

We’re committed to local now, and always will be. Each and every one of our products is made in the United States, and we believe that if we can’t make it in the US, it isn’t worth making. Our margins are lower as a result, but we’re damn proud to be supporting local economies.

Give Back To The Environment We Use.

As athletes who are completely dependent on the outdoors to experience the sport we love, we always thought it was odd that the equipment required to compete was detrimental to the environment. That’s one of the many reasons we chose merino wool as our staple fabric, and the reason we joined 1% For The Planet.

Great Gear Doesn’t Require Huge Cost.

Our business model is a bit different. We don’t sell to traditional retailers and don’t incur the traditional middlemen costs that are passed through by most outdoor brands. As a result, we are simply able to make better products and give them back to the community at lower cost.

So there you have it. We’re full out from the gun, but we’re just getting started here at Pettet Endurance Project, and we’re stoked about the journey that waits.