We build apparel to fit endurance athletes – with a preference for extra length in the body and arms.  And after a never ending series of wear tests and fit sessions, we’re positive you’ll love how our gear fits.

PEP Fit GuideTOPS – Our chest circumferences are targeted to keep us within industry norms, so most of you can stick with the size you generally purchase.  Our waists and hips are proportioned a little different than industry norms,  according to the common shape of a distance runner.  Simply put we opted for a slimmer, longer, and less boxy fit, so you just might get a better fit in those areas than you’re use to.

BOTTOMS – We know that hips don’t vary on people as much as chest circumferences.  Yes…  That’s true for women and men – although the details aren’t the same.  That’s why our proportions of Chest-to-Hip change for each size.   Be sure to measure your hips when selecting your size for bottoms  and buy the size you’re closest to.  Might not be the same as you’re use to, but we promise the custom fit will be worth it!