Where EXACTLY is PEP gear made?

Another good question. You’re two for two! It depends on the product, really. Most all of our suppliers are in Washington, Oregon, or California. We have a few on the east coast, too. We do our best to source everything from the United States, but it’s an imperfect process and simply put, that’s not always possible.

The important thing is that we will always be transparent with where we source and make each of our products, so check out each of the individual product pages for specific details.

Do you care for the environment? Tell me how.

Absolutely. We are serious stewards of the land we run on.

First of all, we’ve built our company around one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available, merino wool. It’s natural, sustainable, and on of the least chemically treated fibers around. Oh, and we only work with mills, dye houses, and factories that meet ISO 14001 standards (many of which are damn close to their Bluesign certification).

Second, we’re extremely proud to be members of 1% For The Planet. We donate 1% of our revenue (read: not profit) to environmental organizations that are running related. It’s part of our heritage, and we’re committed to leaving the routes we run on a better place.

Your product names are weird. Tell me about them.

We believe that each piece of gear we make has a soul. Not in a crazy-hippy kinda way, but in an altruistic sorta way. It’s important to our heritage and beliefs as a company that each and every one of our products is made in the United States. As an ode to that heritage, all of our gear is named after something significant in the state in which it was made. Think state parks, towns, rivers, epic trails, etc.

How long will it take to get my gear?

Not long, really. We generally ship everything from our warehouse within a business day of receiving the order, and it takes about two days to reach you after that.

For more information, take a look at our shipping policy.

Does PEP ship internationally?

Our site is setup to ship to Canada, and special arrangements can be made to ship elsewhere. If you are interested in shipping internationally and have questions, shoot us a note on the contact page.

International shipments incur additional shipping costs (a flat rate between $10 and $25, depending on how quickly you want the gear), and are subject to duties, taxes, etc. after they cross international borders.