Yoga For Endurance Athletes

We get to meet some pretty rad people. People that are passionate about the outdoors and share our enthusiasm for all things sweat. One of those people is Mary Little.

Not only does she grace the pages of this website as our model, she also happens to be an accomplished trainer and nutritionist.

Mary recently wrote an article on her blog about the benefits of yoga for endurance athletes, and it’s worth a read. Check it: Wellness By Little-Yoga For Runners

To add to what Mary says in her post, it’s important to remember that yoga is a good way to keep improving on “off-days.” I’ve gone through my fair share of running related injuries, and over time found that if I take at least 1 day off during the week, and supplement with massage and/or yoga, it helps reduce the chance of injury and gives your body a chance to recover as you stack miles.

Every little bit helps, and Mary has some good tips to help retain core strength and push through the last few miles of your next big race. Go check her out!

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