Women’s Merino Wool Singlet :: Sketches

The women’s merino wool singlet is the last of our Spring/Summer 2013 tops. By now, you are probably beginning to notice a pattern between the women’s designs as most of the choices coordinate with one or another.

The goal here is to create consistency amongst the different garments so that they all look like part of a coordinated effort, each piece offering a different level of versatility for Spring/Summer temperatures. But this consistency also helps alleviate one of the major constraints we have as a small apparel company : minimums.

The apparel business is built on economies of scale. Just like most other manufactured product businesses, the more of any one thing you make, the cheaper it is. That concept applies two fold for an apparel company. First, for fabric minimums, and second for finished garments. So by keeping consistency (in this case, with fabrics/designs) we can order more fabric from one supplier and have the price per piece slightly lower because of the size of the order.

So with that, the women’s tank top was designed as the most minimalist piece in our product line. No pockets, no media ports, etc. As with all of our garments, we’ve put extra emphasis on things like seam lines and fits that are designed specifically for runners.

Which do you like best? Is there a combination that you like, as in the front of A and the back of C? Let us know!

W Tank 3 W Tank 3 W Tank 2 W Tank 1

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