Women’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve Running Shirt :: Sketches

Women's Merino Wool Short Sleeve Running Shirt

Designing our first merino wool running shirt for women has been difficult. As a company our goal has been to make the most feature rich products we can, spending more in product manufacture than what current running brands do. But running T-shirts traditionally don’t have “features.” As runners, we’ve generally been taught to look for the things that are lightest weight, and are least likely to “get in our way” as we go out and churn through miles.

So with these designs, we’ve really focused on creating balance. That is, creating a women’s merino wool running Tshirt that’s different from everyone else, but has a direct focus on function. Here are a few key areas to note:

  1. Venting- Heat transfer is a key issue in all athletic apparel. Our initial designs are not only focused on using fabrics that help transfer heat & sweat, but also things like laser cut ventilation to aid the process further.
  2. Pockets- Pockets are super difficult on a short sleeve t. Because we’re using the lightest weight fabrics we can find, anything you stick in a pocket will bounce while you run. We want to minimize/eliminate this bounce by placing pockets in low movement areas.
  3. Seam Lines- Seam lines are have been a big area of focus for us, especially with the women’s line. Simply put, traditional side seams don’t properly fit a woman’s body (It feels awkward to say that, but I’m going with it.) We’ve focused on creating seam lines that are more functional, and more creative than what you currently see in the market.

In the end, I think much of the success of this particular product will come down to fabric selection and fit. We’ll share more details on these two areas as the arise, but for now: What do you think of these four designs? Any that stand out?

Women's Merino Wool Short Sleeve Running Shirt W Short Sleeve 2 W Short Sleeve 1

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