Women’s Merino Wool Half Zip :: Sketches

Here we go. We’re in the thick of the product development process here at Pettet Endurance Project, and we’re ready to introduce our first product sketches: the women’s merino wool half zip.

Theses sketches are the result of about a three month process. We’ve brainstormed, drawn stick-like figures, debated over beers, and hired professionals that are much more talented artists than we are.

Our main objective for this piece was to build a light-weight, long sleeve garment that’s chalked full of features. You’ll notice special seam lines, unique color blocking and understated patterns – all in an effort to make you look less like a slouchy construction worker while out on the run.

Because Pettet Endurance Project is a small company, the cost of creating four distinct seasonal lines is cost prohibitive – both in terms of design costs as well as the product minimums required by most manufacturers. As such, the women’s merino wool half zip will serve as a transitional garment from Spring to Summer and/or from Summer to Fall.

Interested in helping us out? Comment on the below, and let us know which of the 5 options is your favorite, and why.

W Half Zip 3 W Half Zip 4 W Half Zip 3 W Half Zip 2 W Half Zip 1

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