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Runner's World PEP Merino Article

We’re stoked to announce that Runner’s World, yes THE Runner’s World, has just completed a full review of our gear. This marks the first major review we’ve been a part of since starting PEP in May of this year, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

The review takes a look at a variety of pieces, from the fully established Shevlin and Gresham, to the still-in-prototype Stayton and Gaston.

Not only does the review talk about the quality of our gear (you know you’ve done something right when the editor chooses to wear your stuff while writing the article), it talks in depth about some of the things that are core to our brand, and the type of company we want to be.

Clearly, domestic manufacturing is something that is important to us. And it’s something we will remain committed to as we evolve. And to the article’s point, the reason that we’ve been able to lean on domestic manufacturing without charging a premium for American made, is the fact that our business model is a little different.

We only sell direct to our customers through this website, and that means better prices for our customers and a chance to get super high quality, ethically sourced, American made gear that has a soul.

And from a gear perspective, Runner’s World wear testers had some great feedback on our prototypes. We’ve since made adjustments and plan to release versions of both the Stayton and Gaston that are improved from what was tested here in the article. As you can probably tell from the article, we go through a significant amount of wear testing before releasing an item, and it’s incredibly helpful for us to get insights like this before finalizing the gear and working our way through production runs.

If you want to read the full review, you can check it out at Pettet Endurance Project: A New Merino Wool Running Apparel Brand.

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