Pettet Endurance Project :: The Name

The name “Pettet” seems random to most, and one of the questions I get asked a lot is how/why we created the name.

When creating a name, I wanted to accomplish three things:

1. I wanted a name that represented the local nature of our company.

2. I wanted a name that could be specific to running, but didn’t necessarily hinder us from expanding to other categories as the company grew.

3. And, I wanted a name that had a good backstory; something that spoke to the personality and character we intend to create through brand interactions.

I grew up in Spokane, WA – oddly enough somewhat of a running epicenter for the United States. From the nationally recognized high school cross country programs to the 2nd largest timed road race in the United States, Spokane has always had a strong running community. And although I never ran competitively while growing up, I was always mesmerized by Bloomsday.

The thought that Olympic caliber athletes would show up in droves just to run in Spokane was amazing. I always woke up that first Sunday in May at what felt like the crack of dawn, just to ride my bike a mile or so to the base of Doomsday Hill. Over the years Doomsday Hill has earned a reputation for being one of the most difficult climbs in all of the US, recently pointed out as the #4 most difficult race day climb by Running Times Magazine.

Doomsday Hill became a symbol for grit and determination. A place where races were won and lost by the elite, and a place where goals were either met or crushed by the 99.9% of us that never had a chance to win.

What does this have to do with Pettet Endurance Project? Pettet Drive is the actual street name for the hill most people call Doomsday, and it’s a good fit four our company because it represents the difficulties we go through as endurance athletes, and the personal triumphs we feel by meeting our goals.

With Pettet Endurance Project, we’ve created a connection to hundreds of thousands of runners – and most of them won’t even know it until we tell them.

** To be clear, we are not dependent on or affiliated with Bloomsday in any way whatsoever. We will not mention them in our brand materials, and this story is not one of the core principles of how we intend to market.



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