Men’s Merino Wool Half Zip :: Sketches

Men's Merino Wool Half Zip

We’re moving right along! Today we received the first round of sketches from our product designer, and thought we’d throw a few out there to see what you all think. We will share the other 3 products in the next few days, but we’re starting with the Men’s Merino Wool Half Zip (A parallel product to the Women’s […]

Women’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve Running Shirt :: Sketches

Women's Merino Wool Short Sleeve Running Shirt

Designing our first merino wool running shirt for women has been difficult. As a company our goal has been to make the most feature rich products we can, spending more in product manufacture than what current running brands do. But running T-shirts traditionally don’t have “features.” As runners, we’ve generally been taught to look for the things […]

Women’s Merino Wool Half Zip :: Sketches

Here we go. We’re in the thick of the product development process here at Pettet Endurance Project, and we’re ready to introduce our first product sketches: the women’s merino wool half zip. Theses sketches are the result of about a three month process. We’ve brainstormed, drawn stick-like figures, debated over beers, and hired professionals that […]