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Out There Monthly is an awesome regional outdoor magazine, based in Spokane, WA. Yep, that Spokane. The same one that bears our namesake, Pettet Drive. The magazine is committed to bringing exposure to local companies that support the greater good, and every year they feature locally made outdoor products for their holiday gift guide.

This year, Pettet Endurance Project was lucky enough to be featured along the likes of Dry Fly Distilling and Altai Skis. And while they didn’t write about a specific piece of gear, they made mention to our local Spokane ties (PEP’s founder is from Spokane) and the fact that our business model is a little different than the industry norm.

Like Out There Monthly, we’re fueled by a deep connection with the outdoors, and have made a conscious decision to shift our business model to build the best merino gear humanly possible, make it in the United States, and offer it at prices that are well below industry standard. To us, that’s just part of being good stewards of the running community. Oh, and our partnership with 1% For The Planet doesn’t hurt the cause, either.

These are subtle differences, but the ones that Out There specifically highlights in the article.

It’s awesome to get exposure from a hard-core outdoor publication, and we appreciate the support! You can read the Play Local, Shop Local Gift Guide here, in all it’s glory.

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