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Men's Merino Wool Running Singlet

This is the last of 3 men’s tops we’ve been working up for the summer 2014 line: a merino wool running singlet. After a huge amount of frustration with the current lot of running singlets on the market, I must say that this is one of the products I’m most excited about. And for whatever reason (I can assume cost, mostly) this is one area where a huge amount of apparel technology is wasted.

So our goal for this singlet is to use the latest manufacturing techniques to make a badass singlet for a reasonable price.

Here are a few features we’ve been working on:

Sublimation Printing- Usually reserved for the highest end racing singlets (think Division 1 NCAA, Olympics, etc.) we use a process that permanently dyes the fabric without adding bulk or weight, and it allows you to wash the singlet repeatedly without losing any color. ***After we made the decision to go with merino wool, sublimated printing no longer applies because the process doesn’t work on natural fibers. ***

No-Sew seams- Another weight saving technique, and one that reduces chafing, our singlets are put together without the stitching you see on most clothing. ***This technology doesn’t work on natural fibers either, but we are using flatlock seams on all of our garments ***

Bib-placement system- This idea is certainly different, but it was born from necessity. After 5 or 6 years worth of road races, I fell into a bit of an apparel trap that went something like this: Buy new raceday singlet > use safety pins to attach race bib to singlet > wear once > wash > watch singlet unravel where the safety pins poked through the fabric > repeat with each major race > wallet drains > bummer ensues.

So the idea was to strategically place a series of laser cut holes in the front of the singlet that allow you to pin your bib on the front without creating new holes in the garment, ultimately limiting fabric runs and extending the life of the shirt. (Think small, pin sized holes)

What do you think? Good idea? Are we solving a problem that actually needs to be solved?

Let us know which design you like best!

M Singlet 1 M Singlet 2 M Singlet 3

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