Men’s Merino Wool Running Short


Things are getting hot and heavy here at Pettet Endurance Project. Over the last few months we’ve worked hard to finish up our designs, complete a series of patterns, and start building our first round of prototypes.

And we’re stoked to show off the first prototype that we’ve built: The Men’s Merino Wool Running Short. (name is tbd, but we’re thinking something “Marathonasaurus short” because, well, how often do you get to create your own dinosaur name? No? We’ll work on it).

But rather than just show off all the photos we took, I thought I’d walk you all through the features we’ve lined up for the short and talk a little bit about the changes we plan to make based on what we’ve seen so far.

Here’s a short recap of the goods:

  1. All ’round merino goodness: The merino is always next to skin, no matter what. It’s soft. It’s supple. And you’ll never want to take these bad-boys off.
  2. Reflectivity that actually f*cking matters: Yeah, you heard me! We aren’t talking about tiny logos here or there. We’re talking about 4×4 inch blocks of reflective material that get you noticed.
  3. Babysoft waistband: We’ve ditched the traditional waistband (and the long run enduced chafing that goes along with it) and have added a super-soft merino waistband, complete with hidden gel pockets.
  4. Laser Cut ventilation: Expertly crafted by sharks with laser beams attached to their forehead.
  5. Seam-taped edges: Reduces weight, and just plain looks good.
  6. Dual-Zip stash pockets: To hold your goods in the areas that don’t bounce, sway, or gyrate.

And, here’s what we’re thinking in terms of round 1 changes:

  1. Lady-like Fit – Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a lady-like fit…just not on a men’s short. We’re planning to increase the rise length, widen things at the hip, and add another 2 inches to the overall length.
  2. Waistband fit – As it stands, the waistband is a little too wide. We’re planning to reduce the width by about 50% (possibly sacrificing the gel pockets as a result). Oh, and we’re going to turn the waistband black, too.
  3. Reduce hole size – On the laser cut vents, that is. Right now they are about the size of a pencil eraser. On the next prototype they will cover the same surface area, but will be much smaller.
  4. Increase split size – Without changing the overall look of the short, we plan to increase range of motion by increasing the split length on each side.

So there you have it. That’s the high-level of what we’re thinking so far. What do you all think? Any other changes that we should consider?

men's merino wool running short men's merino wool running short men's merino wool running short

7 thoughts on “Men’s Merino Wool Running Short

  1. LeviathanAodh says:

    Options “A” and “D” look the sharpest aesthetically. Not sure I would be fan of the laser cut vents though using Merino wool. Option “F” also looks good, just personally I think not using mesh and going pure merino would be the ticket. Option “B” would be my favorite assuming inside the reflective strips are one color (the middle of the front and rear if you will) and the sides and shoulders are a second. The only thing I’m curious about is would the reflective strip possibly cause the infamous nipple chaffing on long, runs in hot humid climates? I based my opinions on assuming the shirts are constructed using a two color theme. Big fan of the race bib laser cut holes idea regardless of design you go with. What is a projected date for a prototype of the design you ultimately go with? I’d be interested in seeing it. Best regards.

    • GregPoffenroth says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciate all of the detail.

      To Answer your questions:
      We went with something very close to option D. We liked B too, but have had trouble getting the reflective material to adhere properly to the wool. So, the nipple chafing won’t be a problem! And yes, we are keeping the men’s color schemes super simple. Each garment will have a red option and a black option, with a heather grey mixed in for accents.

      In terms of a prototype, we should have a round 1 in the next few weeks. We actually just received prototypes of the Men’s and Women’s short, and are currently working on adjustments (and blog posts!) for those.

      We’ll be sure to update you whenever we have something to show.


  2. Richard St-Onge says:

    Hey guys, nice looking stuff. My 2cents…for some reason, the moment I saw these shorts the brand name Ashmei came to mind. Another great company/product but overseas and lots more expensive. Whether this is a pertinent comment or not, I just thought I’d share.

    On a more important note, I’ve had lots of issues with 2-in-1 shorts because of the seam that crosses underneath the crotch to fuze the panels together. The chafing is horrendous and the shower after is worse -_- . Maybe it’s just the way I’m built or the way my goods fall but, that is an area I feel most companies to take careful notice of.

    Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

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