Men’s Merino Wool Running Short :: Sketches

Men's Merino Wool Running Short

Here we go, one last set of product sketches as we wrap up our first round of designs. This time we’re showing off all of the goodness we’ve created for Pettet’s first set of Men’s Merino Wool Running Shorts. Our design team went off and created a total of six different designs to choose from, but all have a similar set of features:

Soft Waistband- You’ll notice that none of our running short designs feature a traditional elastic waistband. We’ve cut it out in favor of a softer, thinner waistband that is intended to reduce chafing (draw cord still included).

2-in-1 Short- We’re also building our first series of shorts with a built in compression layer, extending the length of the short to promote support and comfort. The hems of this compression layer will contain a rubberized gel insert that stops the short from riding up while on the go.

Merino next to skin – The outer layer of this short is a quality stretch woven, just like you’d find on a traditional running short. But everything that touches your skin is merino wool. Benefits indeed.

Gel Pockets – Once again, we’ve focused on storage (sensing a theme here?). This time we’re building pockets with easy access and unique touches to minimize bounce – we’re sewing the pocket, which is connected to the outer layer, to the compression short.

So, there you have it. The last in our first line of Pettet Endurance Project’s products.

Which sketches do you like best?

men's merino wool running shortmen's merino wool running short

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