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Men's Merino Short Sleeve Running Shirt

We’re kicking off the new year with a new product up for feedback- the Men’s Merino Wool Running Shirt. Much like the Women’s Merino Wool Running Shirt, we’ve put a lot of thought on the balance between feature and function in an effort to create something different.

Keep in mind that these are preliminary sketches, and that the details will continue to filter out as we move through the design process. We will reveal all of the details when we release tech-packs, but for now take a look at:

Media ports – Is this a feature you look for in a merino wool running shirt? That is, do you actually use the holes designed for your headphone cords? Where would you place them – front or back shoulder?

Pockets- Assume we eliminate the bounce, would you use a pocket on a running shirt? What if it was really small, only big enough to hold one gu?

Reflectivity – You can see in most of the sketches we’ve added a lot of retroreflective material (the shiny, silver stuff). What’s more important to you, neon materials, or retroreflective materials? In other words, more visibility during the day or night?

Neckline- This one’s a little out there, but would you wear a v-neck running shirt? Just the right amount of hipster, or too much?

Let us know what you think!

Men's Merino Short Sleeve Running Shirt Sketches of Men's Merino Short Sleeve Running Shirt Sketches of Men's Merino Short Sleeve Running Shirt

2 thoughts on “Men’s Merino Wool Running Shirt :: Sketches

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m curious if this ever made it into production. I’m a bicyclist and am always disappointed that I can’t find good lightweight wool shirts with conspicuous amounts of reflective material on them. Ideally I’d be looking for something very lightweight that I could wear in the spring, summer, and fall, with reflective materials on the arms and at several points on the back, and for cyclists, venting in the small of the back where we tend to sweat. Thanks for putting this up and I’ll check out your other stuff.

    • TeamPettet says:

      Hey Patrick-
      Thanks for the shout. These are going into production in the next few weeks, so you’ll see more information about them soon. The difference from the sketches above (and it’s a bid difference) is that we lost the ability to place any sort of significant amount of reflectivity on the sleeves. We tested a bunch of different application types, but couldn’t get the reflective material to stick consistently to the wool.

      Hope this helps!

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