Men’s Merino Wool Half Zip :: Sketches

Men's Merino Wool Half Zip

We’re moving right along! Today we received the first round of sketches from our product designer, and thought we’d throw a few out there to see what you all think. We will share the other 3 products in the next few days, but we’re starting with the Men’s Merino Wool Half Zip (A parallel product to the Women’s Merino Wool Half Zip).

We realize these are still rough sketches, and that it can be tough to visualize what the product will actually look like when it all comes together, but here are a few things to specifically look at:

  1. Take a look at seam placement. We put a lot of emphasis on placing seams in areas that would lead to less chafing, and as a result we’ve avoided most side seams.
  2. Take a look at pockets. Do you think pockets are necessary for a half zip? What would you store in them? Does the placement seem accessible? We’ve made an effort to incorporate storage in most all of the products we create, but we want to do it in ways that reduce bounce and weight.
  3. Take a look at shading. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, do these look like something you would wear? If so, which ones, and why? A lot of what we’ve built so far is different than what you currently see on the market, and that is the result of a conscious effort on our part.

Just with the women’s products, these are early stage sketches, and we’re focused more on the general look than product features. So keep that in mind.

So, with that, take a look at the sketches below. Which ones do you like best? And if you don’t like any of the options, let us know that, too!

Men's Merino Wool Half Zip M Half zip 2 M Half zip 1

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