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Pettet Endurance Project Aluminum Water Bottle

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Liberty Bottleworks to create a series of 80’s inspired aluminum water** bottles for Pettet. Liberty is another kick-ass company making 100% of their product right here in Washington State. The bottles should be available for purchase in 4-6 weeks.

Check out the designs and let us know which is your favorite on Facebook. White -or- “Nude?” Oh, and in this case “nude” doesn’t actually mean skin-tone. It just means that there is no base coat of paint applied to the bottle before our 80’s design is applied. Think of it as a kind of industrial look.

**Water optional. We won’t tell anyone if you decide to put something else in there…

Pettet Endurance Project Aluminum Water Bottle White PEP Aluminum Water Bottle

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