Competitor Magazine: February Issue

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If you haven’t picked up your free copy of Competitor Running this month, get to it. Turns out they’ve stacked our gear against the Goliaths of the merino apparel industry, and we’ve walked away with “swagger.” Not bad, we’d say.

They focused the effort on two of our most popular items in the last few months.

The recently released Stayton is a technical take on merino wool apparel design, adding both form and function through a series of vents that run vertically down the back. The feedback we’ve had from customers has been stellar, and the slightly heavier (keeping the same 18.5 micron count) has added durability to the piece to make sure it’ll be a staple of your running gear for a wicked long time.

And one of our longest running pieces of gear, The Sebastopol / Santa Rosa is a flex fit, low profile running cap that is chalk full of 100% merino benefits. It has become the “go-to” item in our shop, and fights stink in ways that other running hats won’t.

Check out Page 20 of the February Issue, or you can read the full review set here: Running Clothes Featuring Merino Wool.

One thought on “Competitor Magazine: February Issue

  1. rick says:

    when might the almost famous ‘Sebastopol’ be available again?

    and thank you Kris for the wrapped with care Gaston which arrived today, rick

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