August Project Update

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted on the blog, and for good reason. We’ve been busy learning how to Dougie (that’s still cool, right?).

Oh, and we’ve spent a little time building the best domestically made running apparel – ever. We have  some good news and some not-so-good, but the important thing is that we are making progress every single day. Here are the details:

We are behind schedule. There. I said it. When we first set out to launch this company back in the fall of ’12, the team had full confidence that we’d be able to have our gear in market by the summer of ’13. And well, that isn’t going to happen. There are a few reasons why, but the main one is that we’ve been extra diligent about attention to every minute detail, and that simply takes longer. We’ve revised some fabric choices, changed some patterns, and adjusted colorways all in an effort to make the best product we possibly can. So as of right now, we’re looking at a late fall launch. Certainly not ideal, but we think it will be worth the wait!

On the bright side, we’re building an arsenal of kick-ass American made goods. We’ve been working with a facility in California to  make some custom Pettet Endurance Project hats, and we just received a shipment of aluminum water bottles from a company that builds them right here in Washington. All good news.

Questions? Drop us a line. And thanks for being patient!

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